Yerevan Press Club and Eurasia Partnership Foundation Urge Mass Media to be Unbiased in Covering Armenian-Turkish Relations

The results of the research conducted by the Yerevan Press Club and the Faculty of Communications at Izmir University of Economics in 2011 as part of the “Support to Armenia- Turkey Rapprochement” were presented during a joint press-conference of President of the YPC Boris Navasardyan and Director of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation Gevorg Ter-Gabrielyan on Friday.

Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the project has been implemented by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation, the Yerevan Press Club, the International Center for Human Development, and the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen (Employers) of Armenia.

The research has shown that in 2008-2010 the Armenia and Turkey mass media released 3,088 and 1,607 articles about Armenian-Turkish relations, with the former giving even higher priority to this problem than to domestic affairs. But both sides were focused on inter-state relations and did nothing to eliminate the hostile stereotypes existing between their nations. Hence, the authors of the research urge the Armenian and Turkish mass media to be more unbiased in covering Armenian-Turkish relations.

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