Armenian church of Turkey’s Malatya (PHOTOS)

(հայերեն տարբերակը)

The Saint Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church in Vank village of Turkey’s Malatya Province will be restored thanks to the efforts by the HAYDer Union of Malatya Armenians (PHOTOS).

A group of Armenian and Turkish journalists taking part in the “Support to Armenia-Turkey Rapprochement” Project of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation visited the aforesaid village, where a small portion of the Church still remains.

Just like other Armenian churches in Turkey, the Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church—which has a 1,500-year history—was the target of treasure hunters.

In addition, the Kurds living nearby the Church have built a small place of worship, which will be dismantled once the restoration begins.

At the time when the Armenian and Turkish journalists were visiting the Church, the children of the Kurds living in the village came to the Church with their school textbooks. And among them was a child who was tightly holding on to the Time For English textbook.

The villagers affirm that this was once an Armenian village, and note that many Diaspora Armenians still visit their village.

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