Azerbaijan frustrates Armenia-Turkey process –expert

Speaking at a Yerevan-hosted round table on Monday, the director of the Global Trends Center, Mensur Akgun, said that the country had largely contributed to the withdrawal of the bilateral protocols.

“Azerbaijan is an economic country; we receive natural gas and oil from there; there are Turkish investments, and we speak the same language,” he said, noting that the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict would promote a progress in the process.

The two-day discussion titled the Media’s Role at the Current Stage of Armenia-Turkey Relations was organized by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation and World Bank Development Research Center.

Speaking further, the expert stressed the importance of boosting cooperation between the two countries’ societies.


“It is necessary to enact the protocols enshrining both countries’ interests. In case they fall to the bosom of history, that would be very bad. To kickstart the relations, it is important to sign documents. I am hopeful both parties will have enough courage,” he added.

Akgun then referred to the Armenian Genocide, considering it yet another obstacle to normalization efforts. He said Turkey has made a considerable progress in that direction, given that the topic was never discussed openly in the past.

“We thought the Armenians had killed the Turks, but the discussions today widely address the contrary viewpoint, which was circulated by Hrant Dink and which led him to a trouble,” he said, adding that Turkey is facing increasing pressure by the world countries ahead of the 100th anniversary of the big tragedy.

Akgun did not rule out the possibility that the country might take a pro-Armenian stance on April 24, declaring that its shares the nation’s grief.

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