An Armenian-Turkish meeting will be held in Istanbul

(հայերեն տարբերակը)

French-Armenian daily “Yaraj” writes that on October 22-23 anArmenian-Turkish meeting will beheldinIstanbul.

As reported, the aim of the meeting is to discuss the possible relations between Armenia and Turkey.The meeting is organized by “Support Armenia-Turkey Relations” project and sponsored by U.S Agency for International Development.
Theprojectiscarried out through “Eurasia” Partnership Foundation, Yerevan Press Club, and the International CenterforHumanDevelopment.

Thesourceinformsthat the project partners are the Center of the World political developments, and Turkish-Armenian Business Development Council.
During themeeting, the achievements of the “Support Armenia-Turkey Relations” project will be introduced.

U.S AgencyforInternational Development and its partners are holding the meeting in order to reach the establishment of Armenia-Turkey relations.

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