1st International Youth Bank Conference

YouthBank International Network

Clara welcomes participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Germany, France, Ireland, Moldova, Romania, and Turkey to this first international Youth Bank conference.  “I did not knew some many young people work on Youth Banks until I started organizing this meeting” Clara said. “By nature, YouthBank work is very local work, but it is a great feeling that there are so many others involved in this work too”

Clara, Kim, Christian, Sherezade and Hannah from YouthBank Germany are the organising team, and Florian and Nina will facilitate this conference. The meeting will last until Sunday 13.  Today is about getting to know each other. Tomorrow we will explore YouthBank practices and problems. On Thursday we will visit activities of YouthBank Germany in Berlin and during the last three days we will dive really deep in all the differences and commonalities in our work with our YouthBanks and develop plans for further collaboration.

Clara expects that during the meeting we will learn from each other: “We are from very different countries and involved in different types of youth bank work but I hope we will find out much more about what each is doing and learn from each other” she said.

The goal of the meeting is that Youth Bankers of different countries get to know each other, find out what we have in common and what is different.  The organizers hope that what we learn in this meeting will inspire us and stimulates us to find out how we can work together in the future.

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