Yerevan/Mediamax/. As compared to last year, 10% more people think that Armenia is not a democratic country (from 18% up to 28%).

The results of “Caucasus Barometer” research conducted in the region of the program Caucasus Research Resource Centers (CRRC) of Eurasia Partnership Foundation indicate this, Mediamax reports.

Director of CRRC-Armenia Heghine Manasyan said today that as compared to 2012, the number of people who are for various demonstrations went up by 10% (from 56% up to 66%).

At the same time, 70% of the surveyed in Armenia think that they are free to say what they think.

The index in Georgia makes 66% and in Azerbaijan – 49%.

Heghine Manasyan also noted that Armenia is the first in terms of mastering Russian, English and computer and internet skills this year.

13% of polled in Armenia gave a positive answer to the question whether their country develops in right path, the same index making 40% in Azerbaijan and 51% in Georgia.

People consider unemployment (46% and 51% respectively) and poverty (16% and 11%) as priority issues in Armenia and Georgia, and 49% of the polled in Azerbaijan consider the unsettled regional conflicts as such.

Of all the Armenian institutions, people have more trust in religious organizations (75%) and army (about 66%) while less trust is demonstrated to parties, National Assembly, NGOs, media outlets, Police etc. The largest index in Azerbaijan makes the trust toward the President.

The research was conducted about 6 000 households in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan in 2012. 2384 adults took part in tête-à-tête interviews across whole Armenia in 2012.

The main questionnaire contains about 100 questions on demographic, social, political and economic developments in South Caucasus countries.

The data base, questionnaire and details of the methods are available at the CRRC- Armenia site .

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