Armenian, Turkish journalists discuss bilateral ties in Yerevan

YEREVAN. – A roundtable discussion, entitled “The Media’s Role in Armenian-Turkish Relations,” got underway Monday in Armenia’s capital, Yerevan.

Also are in attendance a group of Armenian and Turkish journalists who, after a bus tour in Turkey, are now in Armenia along the lines of the “Support to Armenia-Turkey Rapprochement” Project of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation.

Some discussants were surprised by the fact that the roundtable coincided with US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s visit to Yerevan.

Turkish journalist Mensur Akgun noted that, at present, the matter of relations with Armenia is not among Turkey’s primary agenda topics.

In his turn, Turkish website’s journalist Kemal Bozkurt criticized the Turkish authorities’ demeanor toward the country’s national and religious minorities, and pointed to several problems in Turkey.

Diyarbakir Mayor’s adviser and writer Seyhmus Diken told Armenian that he is visiting Yerevan with great pleasure. Diken, who was using the Armenian word for Armenia—that is, “Hayastan”—, said last year’s meeting in Diyarbakir between the latter’s Mayor Osman Baydemir and the Armenian journalists was widely covered by the city’s local and Kurdish media.

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