Armenian and Turkish reporters receive awards in Yerevan

(Հայերեն տարբերակը)

YEREVAN. – An award for best column on Armenian-Turkish relations took place in Yerevan on Monday in the framework of the ‘Support to Armenian-Turkish negotiations’ program. The program is supported by Yerevan Press Club, Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Armenia’s Businessmen and Industrialists Association and the International Center for Human Development.

The jury, consisting of 8 members from Armenia and Turkey, presented the award winners. From the Turkish side Yeni Safak newspaper columnist Hilal Kaplan received the award for his ‘Our history and the truth’ and ‘Armenia – the Diaspora if Anatolia’ articles.

From the Armenian side Yerkir Media TV-station’s personal correspondent in Istanbul Lilit Gasparyan received the award for her ‘The citadel of the fortress’ documentary film telling about the Armenian colleges in Istanbul.

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